Ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? These guys are smart, but sometimes I have to chuckle at the things they come up with. Here’s Socrates:

“An unexamined life is the life not worth living”
– Socrates

I couldn’t disagree more.

As human beings created in the image of God, life is worthwhile in and of itself, whether or not one aspires to be a sophisticated navel-gazer. I’m sure Socrates meant well, but we do well to recall that this is the same mind that waxed eloquent on the institution of marriage: “Every man should marry. If he finds a good wife, he’ll become happy. If not, a philosopher.” How kind of him to enlighten us with the occasion for his mental musings.

But the advantages of an examined life certainly do have merit. Especially if one makes an effort to see correlation or cohesion between all the various pursuits and disciplines that appeal to one’s mind. Examinations of this kind add richly to erstwhile unrelated disciplines.

And that’s a line of thought worth exploring.

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