A Creation Skit

I think I have a future in writing Sunday School Skits. I think I’ll call my publishing company “Skits Afrenia”.


MOSES: Hello kids!!

KIDS: Grandpa Moses! Grandpa Moses! It’s been so long since we’ve seen you!KID1: Ooooo – your face is glowing! Can I touch it?KID2: Better not. You might die!!KID3: Grandpa! Did […]

Omnitemporal God?

Here’s a thought I’m kicking around:

Is God is omni-temporal (outside of time; yet present in every moment of time)?

If He is also omniscient, then we can properly say that every movement of every man’s actions of every day are written out as if it were in a book before he began […]

430 Years From When to Sinai?

Beni Hasan depiction of Semitic migrants entering Egypt. Dated to be around 1700 BC

When Jacob (aka, Israel) hears that his son is alive and well in Egypt, he packs up his things and starts heading south to see his son. At the border of Egypt, he pauses to make a sacrifice.

[+] So […]

Online Resources

There is a vast repository of quality teaching available on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is a lot more dirt than gold. Here is a list of YouTube channels and lecture series that I have found beneficial. Each of the teachers are highly qualified, are published authors, and have taught courses at various universities. Each of […]

The Woke’s Irony of Corporate Confessions

Many Christians in the CRT/Woke camp are fond of acting as if racism is the #1 sin. They also like to remind us that countries (well, America, at least) can be guilty of corporate sin, and that God can and will punish people (well, ancient Israel and modern America, at least) corporately. They’ll point […]

Not Willing That Any Should Perish – 4 Views

Let’s examine verses like 2 Peter 3:9 where we read that “God is not willing that any should perish”.It seems to me that there are 2 grammatically legitimate ways to read this verse, and 4 potential conclusions that can be drawn from these 2 different readings.1. READING 1, CONCLUSION 1“God is not willing […]

A Brief History of Edom

The Treasury of the Nabateans in Petra, Jordan (Ancient Edom)

The Bible traces the people of Edom to Esau, son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob, born approximately 2,000 BC. By the time of the Exodus in 1446 BC, the offspring of Esau had grown to be a respectably-sized nation, living in the […]

Hasty Doctrines

If we’re going to study our Bibles properly, we have to develop a robust and consistent method of gleaning concise doctrine from the Bible. One fact is clear and needs repeating: you cannot use stories as foundations for a doctrine. Or to use more formal language, you cannot deduce a prescription from a description. Biblical […]

Ancient Jewish Quotations Regarding “Whole World”

1 John 2:2 is an easy verse to misunderstand:

[+] He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for those of the whole world. (1 John 2:2)

Here’s Webster’s definition for “propitiation”:

PROPITIATION, n. propisia’shon. 1. The act of appeasing wrath and conciliating the […]

Sermon on the Mount or Sermon on the Plain?

Every now and then I’ll run into people (usually Dispensationalists) who insist that the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) is a different occasion than Luke 6 (a passage they refer to as “The Sermon on the Plain”).

The Sermon on the Mount – Carl Bloch, 1890

When they compare the two, they […]