05 – Berea

Day 3

As Paul traveled through the countryside spreading the Gospel to the Jews first and then to the Greeks, he traveled on the Ignatian Way. The Ignatian Way was the main land route across northern Greece.

Paul would follow this road from Neapolis to Philippi and Thessalonica. Remains of the road can be seen all over the country – even in Berea . Paul arrived here in 54 or 55 AD.

Today, Berea (aka, Veria) is a thriving town, and the commercial center of Macedonia, and the seat of a bishop of the Greek Orthodox church. It is also home to the largest library in Greece.

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There’s a spot here in Berea that’s dedicated to the Bereans who examined the scriptures to see if Paul was correct.Here’s a link to a mapview of the place.
The spot.
A lonely guy in Berea.

Berea Monument