Yahtzee Score Card

We made a special Yahtzee game for some friends.

The goal was to have dice that were 2″ across and score cards 2x the size of the original. And the cards had to look spot-on like the 1950s originals.

But since I had neither the time nor the inclination to purchase vintage originals from eBay, […]

Dadbum Drapery Brackets

I’m trying to source these metal brackets used to attach drapery holders to the wall.

The brackets are sold by many people under many different names, including http://www.blindsparts.com/kirsch-wood-trends-bracket-5611bb073/. But I can’t find anyone that sells just the metal bracket.

Here’s a video on how to install it. Check out @1:10


Here’s a vendor […]

Table Remake

These days it’s hard to find a good table on Craigslist. Everyone wants too much money.

But if you have an eye and a knack with paint and wax (and a good table saw and miter saw, etc), you can turn an ugly table into a neat table.

Here’s the latest project:

Click […]

Sovereignty and Traffic Lights

Meet Robert Smith, civil engineer for the Department of Transportation. He designs Traffic Control Lighting (that’s “stop lights” to you and me) for the city.

When the City needs to put in a new stop light, they send him engineering diagrams of the intersection in question. He designs the stop lights that will be installed […]