02 – Homiletics Sample

If you haven’t already read the Homiletics Overview page, please start there and then come here.

The following homiletics example uses John 3. Bear in mind that the specific process will vary slightly for each person, and this is normal. The Holy Spirit guides us as individuals, based on our individual personalities and experiences. Be careful to not let your preconceived notions guide you to conclude things that are not in the passage.

1. Prayer

2. Topics and Events

3. Outline

I find it helpful to divide a sheet of paper into two columns. On the left, I write out my topics and events, and on the right, I combine the topics and events into several categories in order to form an outline that covers the thoughts presented in the passage.

2. Topics and Events

1-3) Jesus tells Nicodemus, be born again

4) Nicodemus questions how?

5-8) be born of Spirit

9) Nicodemus questions again

10-15) Son of Man to be lifted up to bring life

3. Outline

I) v. 1-15 Jesus explains to Nicodemus why and how he must be born again.

16) belief in Christ brings eternal life

17-18) those who believe are saved; those who don’t are condemned already

19-21) truth-doers seek light of God; men hate light

II) v. 16-21 Believers get eternal life; unbelievers get condemnation.
22) Jesus goes to Judea to baptize

23-26) John’s disciples confused

27-30) John knows he must diminish

31-33) The one from above knows all

34) He speaks the truth from God

35) God loves Son, given everything to Him

36) whoever believes in Him has eternal life

III) v. 22-36 John testifies that Jesus is from above and speaks God’s truth.

4. Subject Sentence

Nicodemus learns of spiritual rebirth while John confirms Jesus’ message.

5. Aim

Cause me to: believe in Jesus Christ to receive the gift of eternal life and avoid the wrath of God.

6. Application Questions

  • What must I do to have eternal life?
  • Do I believe in Him?
  • Does my current lifestyle bear witness that I am walking in the light, or are there areas of my life that needs to change?
  • In whom or in what am I trusting for complete joy?