Jephthah’s Top Ten Thoughts

As Jephthah launched his assault against the Ammonite enemies, he pledged that if God would give him the victory, he would sacrifice the first thing coming out of his house. After the victory, he heads home ..and out walks his daughter. When she realizes what she’s done, she goes off into the mountains to mourn […]

Hagar the Hag?

Do you ever wonder if Hagar was .. hard on the eyes? Like Leah.

This skit is probably not appropriate for your youth group.

Sarah: “Snap! I need an heir. I need an heir NOW!! Sally – I’m not getting any younger!! What am I going to do??”

Sally: “Eschol’s got a sale on […]

Top Five Christian Facebook Pages You’ll (Probably) Never See

Has anyone ever asked you to join a “Christian” FaceBook group that just seemed out of step with everything in your life? Or asked you to pray for a particular group of people that are too far off your radar and you wondered “why should I pray for these people?”

Don’t get me wrong – […]

Jericho’s Population & Fortifications

Archeologist of all stripes – Biblical, secular and otherwise – affirm that the ancient city of Jericho has walls that did indeed come a-tumbling down. They even affirm that the walls tumbled outwards instead of inwards – not at all what you’d expect for a city under siege. You can see the 9-acre archaeological site […]

A Tale of Two Books

Consider the following hypothetical:

On Day1 of Creation, God created light, separated it from night, called one ‘Day’ and the other ‘Night’. All in a day’s work.

Suppose an angel came along at that time and said “Lord – You know all things. Please – write for me a book of […]

Solomon’s Bride

Glory is deceitful and beauty is vain. But a woman who looks like Solomon’s wife – now you’re talkin’!

Back in Bible College, our OT prof gave out this picture. No clue where he got it from. I’ve long lost my copy, but it turns out that some people have posted the same thing […]

What Would Rahab Do?

I think I might get a TShirt that says “What Would Rahab Do?”

Suppose you felt God calling you to be a missionary in a country hostile to Christianity. After saving up your hard earned money for a plane fare, you head out for the hinterlands. When you get off the plane, the immigration officer […]

Biblical Models for Dating and Marriage

These days, it seems that every other church is trying to re-invent “dating” so as to align themselves with Biblical models for relationships. But the advice you get from these different churches varies far and wide. Will the real Biblical Model please stand up??

Rachel and Jacob by William Dyce

I’m happy to […]

Effective Communication in a Facebook Era

Seems to me that we’re devolving in our ability to appreciate meaningful dialogue. I think Facebook and Twitter certainly contributes to this. Instead of meaningful, thoughtful dialogue, we place a premium on tweets and memes.

Let it never be said that I’m one who knows not where the wind blows!

Just in time for All […]

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Being Labeled A Berean

In this day of pop-theology, and instant labels, everyone is claiming to be a Berean. It’s going too far! This madness is the world’s thinking, and we need to reject this latest fad of clamoring to be called a ‘Berean’. I suggest we abandon the whole paradigm. After all, there’s no book in the Bible […]