A Test

Just a test… […]

With Friends Like Matthew’s…

I’ve always been a bit leery of the use of the word “friend” in the 22nd chapter of Matthew. That’s the parable about the king who throws a wedding banquet for his son. The invited people refuse the invitation and kill the messenger, so the king kills them and burns their cities. But because he […] […]

Details of Terrorist Vetting Program Revealed

Fort Worth (LCN) The Democrats have released new details regarding their refugee vetting process. It is being hailed by many on the Left as a brilliant solution to the ISIS refugee crisis, and will be signed into law next week. The administrators of the program have been named, and newly released video shows the strong […] […]



God’s Priorities

Question: Is God more concerned about His Name or His humans? This question is followed immediately by three other questions: Can we think of any place in the Bible where God prioritized His Name above His humans? Can we think of any place in the Bible where God prioritized His humans above His Name? Based on the verses we find in […] […]

Black-On-Black Crime?

Due to the Ferguson fiasco, every now and then I’ll hear someone try to pretend that black-on-black crime in the USA is some crazy rumor. That’s a shame. Since all hospitals and police stations are required by law to report crimes to the FBI, the FBI’s numbers are the final authority on the raw numbers. Any […] […]

Is Love the only fruit?

Every now and then I see someone read about the fruits of the Spirit in and pause at the singular use of the word “fruit”. Invariably, someone will say that the fruit of the Spirit is love, and that love expresses itself in all the other traits listed in Galatians. I think that’s missing Paul’s […] […]

Global Flood?

I frequently hear people trot out “reasons” why the Noahic Flood account in Genesis can’t be literal or global. I just have to scratch my head. If you claim to believe the Bible, then you need to take the Bible’s view on the Noahic Flood: There is no place anywhere in the Bible that treats any […] […]

Was Jesus Silent On Homosexuality?

Pro-gay people will frequently claim that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. His silence, they insist, is supposed to mean that a) He has no problem with it, and b) everyone else should be silent about it. If you’re a self-interested speed-reader, you’ll find precious little in the Gospels about homosexuality. But so what? Jesus also […] […]

Learn About Reformation Day!

Reformation Day is celebrated on October 31st and it commemorates Martin Luther’s nailing the 95 thesis on the Wittenburg Door and the protests against the sins of the Roman Catholic church. The Christian faith was profoundly impacted by the Reformers: Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Ulrich Zwingli, Jan Hus and many more. Learn […] […]