2003 – Skiing at Red River

Red River
New MexicoJanuary 6, 2003
Noelle, Micah, Daniel
hint: never trust a stranger to do justice to a photograph. The gorgeous mountain in the background got clipped. But it’s better than nothing.
Tractors like snow too
Noelle, Daniel & MicahSki Lessons
Night sledding
The Lodge
The Lodge’s visitors. They came over every afternoon at about 4:30. There were usually 15 to 20 in the group.Didn’t know whether to grab the camera or the rifle!

Red River, New Mexico from 10,000ft.
Sad to go back home
Extinct volcanoes
There’s a rest area just outside of Amarillo, TX with a HUGE playground.
The gang!The Hissams, Kuboshes and Fosters