Fruit Cart – Part 1: Wagon Wheel

So it dawned on me that I needed a fruit cart. (Don’t ask) It had two criteria: It had to be cute. It had to be cheap. Looking around on the ‘net, I saw that they cost around $300 (usually more). That’s far more money than I care to pay, especially since I have a garage with tools […] […]

T2T: Mirror Frames

This particular project comes from my Trash to Treasure series. The whole point of the T2T series is to make something nice from something that someone threw away (using tools from garage sales). A couple months ago, I came across a home-builder who was throwing away a built-in cabinet. Turns out his clients decided they didn’t […] […]

Printable Protractor

As a beginner woodworker, I’ve found John Heisz’s videos and website to be quite helpful. Here’s his YouTube channel (, and here’s his website ( He has an “Easy Angle Cutting Guide” protractor tool that I’m going to make, but rather than mark out the angles by hand, I figured I’d take an online protractor and […] […]