Women in Warfare: A Brief Look at a Few Biblical Scenarios

[Disclaimer: if you’re not interested in challenging your assumptions and cultural norms, this is probably not for you]

Several peculiar scenarios can be seen in the Bible as we look at the intersection of women and warfare. Since cultural norms and sensibilities vary wildly across space and time, 21st century readers can arrive at […]

Details of Terrorist Vetting Program Revealed

Fort Worth (LCN) The Democrats have released new details regarding their refugee vetting process. It is being hailed by many on the Left as a brilliant solution to the ISIS refugee crisis, and will be signed into law next week. The administrators of the program have been named, and newly released video shows the strong […]

Hagar the Hag?

Do you ever wonder if Hagar was ..um .. hard on the eyes? Like Leah.

This skit is probably not appropriate for your youth group.

Sarah: “Snap! I need an heir. I need an heir NOW!! Sally – I’m not getting any younger!! What am I going to do??”

Sally: “Eschol’s got a sale on […]

New Garden Parallels

When things are new, the Bible lays out a peculiar set of similarities:

First Time

Everything is new Adam and Eve tempted in a garden They ate forbidden fruit They were naked and ashamed A curse fell upon man and his offspring

Second Time

Everything was renewed Noah planted a garden […]

Top Five Christian Facebook Pages You’ll (Probably) Never See

Has anyone ever asked you to join a “Christian” FaceBook group that just seemed out of step with everything in your life? Or asked you to pray for a particular group of people that are too far off your radar and you wondered “why should I pray for these people?”

Don’t get me wrong – […]

Solomon’s Bride

Glory is deceitful and beauty is vain. But a woman who looks like Solomon’s wife – now you’re talkin’!

Back in Bible College, our OT prof gave out this picture. No clue where he got it from. I’ve long lost my copy, but it turns out that some people have posted the same thing […]

Effective Communication in a Facebook Era

Seems to me that we’re devolving in our ability to appreciate meaningful dialogue. I think Facebook and Twitter certainly contributes to this. Instead of meaningful, thoughtful dialogue, we place a premium on tweets and memes.

Let it never be said that I’m one who knows not where the wind blows!

Just in time for All […]

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Being Labeled A Berean

In this day of pop-theology, and instant labels, everyone is claiming to be a Berean. It’s going too far! This madness is the world’s thinking, and we need to reject this latest fad of clamoring to be called a ‘Berean’. I suggest we abandon the whole paradigm. After all, there’s no book in the Bible […]

Top Ten Reasons Why There Were Pigs In Gerasenes

Remember the story of Jesus casting demons out of the crazy man in Luke 8? The demons freak out that Jesus is there because it’s not time for them to be tormented by Him yet. They ask Him if they can enter some nearby pigs, and He lets them. It’s a weird story, but it’s […]

Application For Widows Enrollment In WOAP

The following “Widows and Orphans Assistance Program” application form was recently discovered in Selcuk, Turkey, at the archeological site for the ancient city of Ephesus. The exact dating is uncertain, but it appears to date back to approximately 80 AD.

Skeptics have raised concerns about its validity, claiming that it is likely for a cult […]