2010 – Egypt/Jordan

Israel 2007 | Greece 2008 | Egypt/Jordan 2010

In March, 2010, we joined with a few other friends and took a tour of Egypt and Jordan with Dr. Dave.

For now, I’ve only got a couple of photos up here, and not much commentary. More are coming. In the mean time, check out the gallery where the photos are located. Here’s a cool sample.   You can click on the “View Album on a Map” link and see all the photos on that particular group laid out on a map. I thought that was pretty slick.

**UPDATE – well, rats! It would appear that the very cool software I was using to do GPS mapping for photos is no longer being maintained, and is now incompatible with newer versions of software used to run this website. Stink. I guess I’ll have to do it the hard way ..one of these days.**

Eventually, I’ll get the photos out here with come commentary. Time, time, time. *sigh*