2007 – Fredericksburg

If you ever get a chance to visit Fredericksburg, Texas, go for it. Located near San Antonio, Texas, this lovely little German town is full of antique shops and historic stops.

Sauer Beckman Farm is a ‘living history museum’ that’s part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s farm. We spent about an hour there looking around at different stuff. They still make soap, butter and other farm stuff the old fashioned way.

The kids checking out how soap was made 100 yrs ago.

Daniel and Noelle just can’t pass up an interesting looking rock.

Fredericksburg, Texas. Lots of neat little antique shops on the main street.

Enchanted Rock. It’s just a big, huge rock plopped down on the earth. Maybe 2 or 3 rocks, actually. Over 450′ tall

Some cross up on top of a hill just north of Fredericksburg.

Ok, I cheated and just tilted the camera and had Micah lying on the rock. (Note the horizon in the background). But it’s a pretty cool shot, huh?

I had no idea what Daniel was doing. I asked him if he was sad and he said “No. Just kinda tired. Then he got up and ran around like normal. Kids.

I’m sure she was just stopping to take a break, but the shot looked too good to pass up.

There was a cave on the northwest side of the rock.

Note the girls standing on the rock in the center of the photo.

The hotel had a pretty cool pool. Daniel loved it.

Daniel lost another tooth. I think he better stop losing teeth or he’s going to be all out!

Trying a couple of night time shots with long shutter times. The car’s headlight helped cast a pretty cool glow on the water fountains.

“The Cave Without A Name”. About 20 miles south of Fredericksburg – out in the middle of NOWHERE!!