Open Theism VS 1 Samuel 23

Open Theists will regularly champion 1 Sam 23 as a defense for God not knowing the future. The problem is that 1 Sam 23 only defends Open Theism if you 1) limit your analysis to 1st stage thinking, and then 2) add an argument from silence. But should you follow through with the consequences […]

Women in Warfare: A Brief Look at a Few Biblical Scenarios

[Disclaimer: if you’re not interested in challenging your assumptions and cultural norms, this is probably not for you]

Several peculiar scenarios can be seen in the Bible as we look at the intersection of women and warfare. Since cultural norms and sensibilities vary wildly across space and time, 21st century readers can arrive at […]

Omnitemporal God?

Here’s a thought I’m kicking around:

Is God is omni-temporal (outside of time; yet present in every moment of time)?

If He is also omniscient, then we can properly say that every movement of every man’s actions of every day are written out as if it were in a book before he began […]

430 Years From When to Sinai?

Beni Hasan depiction of Semitic migrants entering Egypt. Dated to be around 1700 BC

When Jacob (aka, Israel) hears that his son is alive and well in Egypt, he packs up his things and starts heading south to see his son. At the border of Egypt, he pauses to make a sacrifice.

[+] So […]

Biblical Sevens

There are a number of lists and events in the Bible that show up in sevens. This is a partial list.

Seven Days of Creation (Gen 1)

Earth/water. Light. Light separated from dark.Sky. Water separated from water.Earth. Water separated from earth. Vegetation.Sun, moon and starsBirds and fishLand animals and manRest

Seven Promises to Abraham […]

On Racism and Systemic Racism

I had a couple of interesting conversations about race with a couple of guys from church over the past week. One is black, the other is white. Both went to seminary, and neither are on the ‘woke’ end of the spectrum.

During the conversation, I asked them to define “systemic racism”. One guy paused […]

Creation and Time

The fundamental properties of the universe (space, time and matter) are referenced in the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible: “In the beginning (Time), God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter).” Genesis 1:1. Indeed, in the Hebrew Bible, the very first word is “התחלה” which […]

Legitimate Biblical Slavery?

Some Christian folks in the West like to act as if slavery was the biggest sin in the history of mankind, and that the USA, which, according to them, was “built on slavery”, stands as Criminal #1. Or maybe Criminal #2, since Adolph takes up place #1. It’s interesting to watch them squirm when […]

Online Resources

There is a vast repository of quality teaching available on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is a lot more dirt than gold. Here is a list of YouTube channels and lecture series that I have found beneficial. Each of the teachers are highly qualified, are published authors, and have taught courses at various universities. Each of […]

The Woke’s Irony of Corporate Confessions

Many Christians in the CRT/Woke camp are fond of acting as if racism is the #1 sin. They also like to remind us that countries (well, America, at least) can be guilty of corporate sin, and that God can and will punish people (well, ancient Israel and modern America, at least) corporately. They’ll point […]