2005 – Sea World

The images on this page were taken with a Nikon 3200 – a camera I’ve come to hate. But it’s a mini, so what do you expect.

The Alamo

If you’ve never been there, don’t blink when you drive by it, because you’ll definitely miss it.

Most common phrase heard inside the Alamo:

“That’s all??!!”

This is a waterfall right outside the Hyatt, about 1/2 way between The Alamo and the Hyatt
Sea World

(save up your money. the place ain’t cheap)

But they had a pretty show or two.
They had a kid’s play area with water shooting out of the ground. Daniel was too funny. In the right photo, he’s up on the deck of a ship, shooting a water cannon down at Noelle.

Daniel’s crying about something. Probably about being too tired.