17 – Sermon on the Mount

Judging by the clues given in the Bible, it’s reasonable to believe that the Sermon on the Mount was given at this location. It overlooks the north shore of the Sea of Galilee.

The Beatitudes were given here. You can find it in Matthew 5.

I say, blessed is anyone who comes to this mountain because it is most definitely serene and peaceful.

– – –
Someone decided to plant a bunch of banana trees there.
The youngest person in our group was Jordan, a 10-yr old. I asked Dr. Dave if he could point out a sycamore tree and we could have Jordan climb up it just for grins.I guess we never did find a sycamore tree because he never pointed one out.
Someone carved something in this rock to commemorate the Sermon on the Mount.
On the way down to the shore, we passed this cave. For some reason, it was called Job’s cave.
And there’s no good site that can exist w/o a church going up. Thankfully it was at the top of the hill and not down closer to the shore where everything is peaceful and serene – and unencumbered with gaudy trinkets.