2006 – Medieval Times

Medieval Times had a Labor Day sale. Instead of charging an arm and a leg, they were just charging an arm (one free kid’s ticket for each free adult ticket). So we loaded up the fam. If you ever get a chance to go to MT, check out their Torture Museum. It differs for each city, apparently, but in the Dallas MT, you have to pay an extra $2 or so for the privilege.

Each torture device comes with a brief explanation of it. Brrrr! Supposedly some of them were real and some of them were replicas. A couple of devices in the museum that weren’t listed here: pincers (for pinching a victim’s body parts. Presumably the body parts were severed in the process); chastity belts (they had 2 on display), stocks, and a wagon wheel (victims’ limbs were entwined and bound to the spokes of a wagon wheel while they were whipped, pinched, whatevered). Sick people!

Some sick puppies back then.

I read an account of Count Dracula – the real guy. He was quite the wacko. He had super-high moral(?) and rigid standards, and if anyone so much as thought the wrong way, he’d have them impaled. I wonder how many of these torture devices he had.