Devine Deceit

Is it ever right to do wrong to do right?

Generally, the answer is no.

But is it ever right to lie?

Interestingly enough, the Bible shows us that the answer can be ‘yes’.

Here’s a brief list of people in the Bible that lied or deceived other people and (apparently) received blessings from God […]

. . . But I Say

Lots of people teach the idea that Jesus did away with the Old Testament and taught the New Testament audience a new code of conduct in Matthew 5:21-48. When I point out that the immediately preceding verses negate that thought (“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets… until […]

Mark’s Miracles Mystery

Have you ever experienced something good from God that answered your every prayer .. and then was told to keep it a secret? I think that’d drive me crazy. But often times, that’s exactly what Jesus did.

In the Gospel of Mark, we see quite a few times that Jesus told people to not mention […]

King’s Dates

Here are the dates I used to calculate the reigns of kings for my Bible Timeline. I bet there are more precise dates out there (Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones comes to mind), but these are the ones I used.

Title Person Status Birth Year Death Year Year Start Year End Duration Age Start Age End […]

Why Bother With Doctrine?

The primary duty of man is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and might. It goes without saying that we cannot love Him if we don’t know Him, just as we simply cannot know Him without studying His Word. To that end, a correct view of God is paramount if we are […]

How To Lose Your Salvation In 6 Easy Steps??

It has been properly noted that there are a number of passages in the Bible that sound like you can lose your salvation. Let us count the ways:

Live in sin – Matt 6:15; Eph 5:3-5 Be arrogant/overconfident in your salvation – Rom 11:18-22 Revert back to Mosaic Law – Gal 5:2-4 Deny/forsake Christ – […]

Covenant Timeline

Here’s a timeline of the main Covenants in the Bible. I think it helps to drive home the fact that the Mosaic Covenant ended at Christ and that there are many other Covenants that are still in effect – some of which predate the Mosaic Covenant by thousands of years.

Bible Timeline – Covenants (PDF, […]

Visualizing Esther

If you’ve ever wanted to take a look at Susa, the city where Esther was queen, check out this site:

Does God Reject Rich People?

While some people will insist that God wants everyone to be rich and wealthy and enjoy their best life now, others will insist that the Bible consistently displays a negative opinion of rich people. The conversation between Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler would be offered as a prime example of this disdain.

While I […]

History of Salvation & Vengeance

The other day I was challenged to show that God saves and comforts His people by destroying His enemies. The person showed some familiarity with 2 Thess 2, but apparently wasn’t aware of the impact of 2 Thess 1. The following is my response to him.

This list is by no means exhaustive. What I […]