The Roman “O”s

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Roman Road? How about the Roman “O”s?

Start in and observe the downward spiral of man because he rejects God (1), his guilt by conscience and law (2-3), his failure to access right standing with God by his own works (4), the stain of Adam (5), the punishment of death […]

The Power Against Persuasion

Regardless of your view on a particular issue, it’s always possible to find someone who holds a view that is opposite yours. And sometimes you can even find a verse or two that is opposite your opinion. As the old saying goes, to every PhD, there’s an equal and opposite PhD.

So… How many verses […]

Infant Faith?

In discussing abortion and infant death, we invariably come around to asking “What’s going on in the womb?” and “Do babies go to heaven?” While science cannot answer the second question, it can give us some information about the first. Science tells us when the brain is formed, when the heart starts beating, what the […]

Are There Different Degrees of Hell?

Every now and then someone will ask if I believe there are different degrees of hell. The answer is simple: yes, there are. We see this in many places, in various ways. It all boils down to the fact that different sins have different degrees of offense to God, that God’s judgments are true and […]

Effective Communication in a Facebook Era

Seems to me that we’re devolving in our ability to appreciate meaningful dialogue. I think Facebook and Twitter certainly contributes to this. Instead of meaningful, thoughtful dialogue, we place a premium on tweets and memes.

Let it never be said that I’m one who knows not where the wind blows!

Just in time for All […]

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Being Labeled A Berean

In this day of pop-theology, and instant labels, everyone is claiming to be a Berean. It’s going too far! This madness is the world’s thinking, and we need to reject this latest fad of clamoring to be called a ‘Berean’. I suggest we abandon the whole paradigm. After all, there’s no book in the Bible […]

Christ’s Coming, Coming, Coming, Coming

When Is He Coming?

I find discussions about Christ’s Second Coming to be interesting. Jesus tells us to watch for Him, be ready for Him, comfort one another with these thoughts, know the signs of the times, etc. So it’s only natural that many Christians get excited about the topic. What’s kinda fun is that […]

Top Ten Reasons Why There Were Pigs In Gerasenes

Remember the story of Jesus casting demons out of the crazy man in ? The demons freak out that Jesus is there because it’s not time for them to be tormented by Him yet. They ask Him if they can enter some nearby pigs, and He lets them. It’s a weird story, but it’s in […]

Top Ten Christian T Shirts

A friend of mine showed me a new TShirt that he bought. It had a Christian(ish) message to it, and was made to look like a popular video game. In fact, you’d have to look pretty close to see that it wasn’t the popular video game.

Why do marketers do this? And why do so […]

Application For Widows Enrollment In WOAP

The following “Widows and Orphans Assistance Program” application form was recently discovered in Selcuk, Turkey, at the archeological site for the ancient city of Ephesus. The exact dating is uncertain, but it appears to date back to approximately 80 AD.

Skeptics have raised concerns about its validity, claiming that it is likely for a cult […]