Unity, Diversity and Charity

When it comes to differences of faith, we often repeat the saying “In essentials, Unity. In non-essentials, Diversity. In all things, Charity.”

While this is a necessary process, we have to first determine who gets to decide what is essential and what is not?

What criteria do they use?

Where do they get their criteria, […]

Why Debating is a Biblical Mandate

IMHO, Acts 15 is the 2nd most important chapter in the book thus far. It gives us a brief overview of the first great debate for the people of “The Way”. At issue: was circumcision a requirement for salvation (v5)? There are several parts about The Great Debate (or “The Jerusalem Council” as it’s more […]

Holy Spirit: In or On – Part 2

This is a follow up to my previous article on the association of the Holy Spirit to the believers in the OT and NT.

Here’s a table to all the references I can find in the Bible where the Spirit of God (or Christ) is said to affect a person. The words used are typically […]

Holy Spirit: Is He IN us or ON us? ..and does it matter?

You have heard it said “the Holy Spirit came on the OT believers, but is in the NT believers”. Having thusly heard for many years, I thusly taught for many years.

Now that I’m (again) studying my way through the book of Acts, I’m finding myself quite intrigued by the fact that the people who […]

Old Earth vs Young Earth?

The Old Earth/Young Earth has been debated endlessly on many websites. Google will help you find those sites. There’s one aspect of the Old Earth debate that I have never seen discussed anywhere and would like to explore here. But first, a word to the wise: since the Bible doesn’t explicitly state how young or […]

To Woo or to Draw – that is the question

In a recent discussion, the question was raised: what did Christ mean when He said that He would “draw all men” to Him (John 6:44)? Is it a resistible or irresistible “drawing”? The popular explanation is that Christ “woos” people and people can decide whether or not they want to partake of His wooing – […]

Pattern of the Remnant and Destruction

When considering the remnant and the fate of those who aren’t part of the remnant, I think there’s a pattern that emerges. This struck me the other day from out of the blue when studying Isaiah.

PRE-FLOOD Enoch – called out from the world Noah – called from the world; world destroyed

Isaiah’s Pattern of Doom

As I was working my way through Isaiah 9 and 10, I couldn’t help but notice that the description of the doom that was coming to Israel/Judah was punctuated by the repeated phrase “Despite all this, His anger does not subside, and His hand is ready to strike again.” (Isa 9:12, Isa 9:17, Isa 9:21, […]

Divine Delete vs Divine Doom, Death and Destruction

In BSF, we’re currently going through the book of Isaiah. Chapter 1 opens with an intriguing proclamation from the Lord that judgment is at hand: those who willing obey will enjoy the fruit of the land, but those who resist God’s rule will be consumed with raging fire. Check it out (Isaiah 1).

So now […]