Was Jesus Silent On Homosexuality?

Pro-gay people will frequently claim that Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. His silence, they insist, is supposed to mean that a) He has no problem with it, and b) everyone else should be silent about it.

If you’re a self-interested speed-reader, you’ll find precious little in the Gospels about homosexuality. But so what? Jesus […]

. . . But I Say

Lots of people teach the idea that Jesus did away with the Old Testament and taught the New Testament audience a new code of conduct in Matthew 5:21-48. When I point out that the immediately preceding verses negate that thought (“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets… until […]

A Tale of Two Books

Consider the following hypothetical:

On Day1 of Creation, God created light, separated it from night, called one ‘Day’ and the other ‘Night’. All in a day’s work.

Suppose an angel came along at that time and said “Lord – You know all things. Please – write for me a book of […]

Mark’s Miracles Mystery

Have you ever experienced something good from God that answered your every prayer .. and then was told to keep it a secret? I think that’d drive me crazy. But often times, that’s exactly what Jesus did.

In the Gospel of Mark, we see quite a few times that Jesus told people to not mention […]

KJVONLY: The One and Only?

Let me start by saying that I’m fully convinced that the KJV is an excellent translation. Especially if you live in the 17th century. But I have yet to meet a human being that lives in the 17th century, and I don’t know anyone who speaks the Goode King’s English in daily conversation. So if […]

From Adam to Moses…

Bible Trivia: If Adam wrote a book on his life, his memoirs, how the universe was Created, and more, it’s only reasonable to believe that he would have passed this book on to his kids. Or great-grand kids. And it’s only reasonable to conclude that this would have made its way to Moses.

So… given […]

The Power Against Persuasion

Regardless of your view on a particular issue, it’s always possible to find someone who holds a view that is opposite yours. And sometimes you can even find a verse or two that is opposite your opinion. As the old saying goes, to every PhD, there’s an equal and opposite PhD.

So… How many verses […]

Are There Different Degrees of Hell?

Every now and then someone will ask if I believe there are different degrees of hell. The answer is simple: yes, there are. We see this in many places, in various ways. It all boils down to the fact that different sins have different degrees of offense to God, that God’s judgments are true and […]

Top Ten Christian T Shirts

A friend of mine showed me a new TShirt that he bought. It had a Christian(ish) message to it, and was made to look like a popular video game. In fact, you’d have to look pretty close to see that it wasn’t the popular video game.

Why do marketers do this? And why do so […]

How Do You Figure?

The other day I heard someone ask another person “Are you born again?”

That strikes me as curious question.

As any Bible student would quickly point out, the Bible uses a wide variety of figures of speech to refer to a person that’s been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. One wonders why some metaphors get […]