NIT – Acts 3

The New Internationale Translation is a collection of texts, presumably associated with the Bible. While generally not fit for spiritual consumption, the contrasts presented between the NIT and the KJV helps us rediscover the uniqueness of what’s going on in the Bible.

3:6 But Peter said unto him “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee: in the name of Jesus Christ, thou shalt be healed according to thy faith” 7 Then Peter, reaching down, took him by the right hand and touched his thighs and knees. And immediately there appeared as it were, surgical scars upon his thighs and knees.

8 And he, being startled, exclaimed to the disciples “Verily, a healing hath come upon me this very day, for I feel a quickening in my joints from my feet to my bosom.” 9 Then Peter and John replied unto him “Make haste. Show thyself unto Marcus, the physical therapist, and straightaway begin 40 days of intensive therapy. And after the appointed time thou shalt receive probably 70-80% mobility in thine hips and knees if thou appliest thyself diligently to the therapy program which is before you”.

10 Straightaway the lame man bade his friends to take him thusly and did begin his therapy. 11 On the first day of the week, the man who was lame summoned his friends and family and began to display how he could take three steps with only the aid of his walker. 12 On the second week of therapy, his walking increased greatly for he accomplished a walking across an entire room with just a cane, nevertheless it did take 5 minutes. 13 And all the people were sorely amazed and marveled at so speedy a recovery visited to the man who was lame. And the lame man gave thanks unto God, saying “Once I was completely lame, but now I am only partially lame. For now there remains naught but a minor flesh wound on my hips and knees.”

14 But some scoffed, saying “T’was no miracle that befell this man; for good diligence yields all manner of natural benefits.” But nonetheless a few believed and were added to the church in those days.

We’re not sure where this NIT passage came from, but it does make me want to re-read Acts 3….

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