Pattern of the Remnant and Destruction

When considering the remnant and the fate of those who aren’t part of the remnant, I think there’s a pattern that emerges. This struck me the other day from out of the blue when studying Isaiah.

Enoch – called out from the world
Noah – called from the world; world destroyed

Abraham – called out from the city (of Ur)
Lot – called out from the city (of Sodom); city destroyed

Jacob’s people – called out of the land of evildoers (Canaan)
Moses’ people – called out of the land of evildoers (Egypt); land destroyed

Christ 1 – Christians called out from the unbelievers (Come out from her)
Christ 2 – Christians called out (with the sound of a trumpet)  from the unbelievers; unbelievers destroyed

I know there’s more of this in the Bible, but these are the ones that immediately popped into my head.

I forget the exact train of thoughts that led to this idea popping into my head, but it had something to do with Isaiah’s promise of the remnant. And it got me to thinking that sometimes there’s a remnant, and other times, there’s a scorched-earth policy; sometimes the remnant are removed from evil and the evil are left to stand, and other times, the remnant are removed and the evil are destroyed. Somewhere along the line, this ‘pattern’ popped into my head, but at this stage, I don’t know if I’m imagining it or if there’s some credibility to it.

I’ve bounced it off some very Biblically knowledgeable people that I know and, so far, they do think there’s a definite pattern here.

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2 comments to Pattern of the Remnant and Destruction

  • Brad Grant

    Hi. I felt lead to your sight. Glad I followed. It promises to hold some good reading for the near future.
    Thank you for your work in setting it up and offering it to the silent masses.

    I agree, you are on to a pattern here.

    Here is another thought about the guys you mentioned in your pattern . . .
    Enoch was 7th generation from Adam and 70 generations before Jesus. Noah had 7 passengers. Abraham was 70 when he left Ur. Jacob had 70 people with him too. Israel encountered 70 palms at Elam. Moses took 70 elders with him up Sinai to dine with God.

    Maybe this will get you chasing another thought on patterns. 🙂

  • admin

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Can I get you to double-check your numbers? The genealogy in Matthew1 doesn’t quite come out to 70, even though there are some names missing. Which genealogy are you using? (I haven’t counted the Luke3 genealogy).

    Also, Abraham was 75 when he left Haran for Canaan (Genesis12:4). Does the Bible say how old he was when he left Ur?

    But yes, 70 does show up frequently in the Bible (Gideon had 70 sons 😉 ).

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