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There is a vast repository of quality teaching available on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is a lot more dirt than gold. Here is a list of YouTube channels and lecture series that I have found beneficial. Each of the teachers are highly qualified, are published authors, and have taught courses at various universities. Each of these teachers has far more content on their YouTube channels and websites than what I list here; this is just a short list of lecture series that I have personally found beneficial and worthwhile. I’d say I agree with about 98% of the content presented here, and much of it is well suited to take a Christian deeper into his faith. Theology, philosophy, history and more. Enjoy!

Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul)
8 What is the Gospel v=39h_FY_37Vk&list=PL30acyfm60fVKoF19CmJWgy9GpzoWMz3O
11 Loved by God
6 Pleasing God
6 Holiness of God–3S6w1kdhXY9Cb
35 Defending your Faith

Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)
A collection of lectures on Christian doctrine about what the Bible teaches.
Defenders 3
2 Foundations of Christian Doctrine
10 Doctrine of Revelation
21 Doctrine of God
34 Doctrine of God: Excursus on Natural Theology
11 Doctrine of God: The Trinity
6 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
52 Doctrine of Christ
19 Doctrine of Creation
32 Excursus on Creation of Life and Biological Diversity
26 Doctrine of Man
14 Doctrine of Salvation

Defenders 2
7 Doctrine of the Church
14 Doctrine of the Last Things

Bruce Gore
Christian philosophy, Church history
For online courses, visit
88 Philosophy and History of Christian Thought
57 Church History
37 Historical Context of the Bible

Ryan Reeves
Church History, the Reformation
12 Quick Explanations
39 Reformation and Modern Church History
11 Theology in 90 Seconds
54 Early and Medieval Church History
35 Luther & Calvin
20 Lewis & Tolkien

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