Omnitemporal God?

Here’s a thought I’m kicking around:

Is God is omni-temporal (outside of time; yet present in every moment of time)?

  • If He is also omniscient, then we can properly say that every movement of every man’s actions of every day are written out as if it were in a book before he began his first day. Sure enough, that’s what Ps 139:16 says.
  • If He is also omnipotent, then He is powerful enough to stop any event He doesn’t wish to allow (eg, He could have the person die in infancy, or have them die of a heart attack moments before they do what He doesn’t want). So we have to say that He [at the very least] permits all actions that comes to pass.
  • If God is omnioptent, omniscient and omnitemporal, then everything He knows to be our “future” is indistinguishable to Him from what He knows of our “past”. And if we – and all our events – are indistinguishable from actions in our past, then His knowledge of our actions are indistinguishable from a decree for our actions.

I’m wondering if that tidbit is coherent and Biblically consistent.

(And here’s an article I need to read: )

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    I have just come upon this website and am very impressed. I did notice you have been around for years. I am an engineer so the fact that we both think logically is not surprising. Looking forward to discussing escatology with you if I can navigate your website in the future.

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