In order to grasp the joy set before me…

…I took a short-cut and saved time!

I don’t know how many of you get a front-row seat into the private affairs of my life, but have ya ever noticed how most (all!) of Satan’s temptations for me are not really things that I’m never supposed to have – they’re faster or better ways of getting that which God has promised me all along!

He did that with Eve, too. She already had no death – Satan was going to make her wise like God.

Dittos for Jesus: God never said He couldn’t have bread, or that He couldn’t prove to people that He was Lord with all the angels on his side, or that He wouldn’t have all the nations bow to Him. God told Him He could/would have all those things – just not at that time. Satan was offering to Jesus a shortcut to something He was going to get eventually. And He turned him down.

So next time I see a shortcut in front of me, I’m going to ask if it appeals to my lust of the flesh. Or maybe the lust of my eyes. Or maybe even my pride of life.

If it falls under one of those 3, I think I might pass.

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