Fishy Faith

I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I should try fishing with my left hand instead of my right? Or maybe I don’t have enough faith and should pray more or maybe fast to catch this fish. Or maybe I should just hurry up and get a net and get to the bottom of this. I’m not getting it.

Jesus had just been telling us about how He would be killed and then rise again. I wish He’d stop talking like that. We need Him to hurry up and drive out the Romans, and instead, He’s talking about dying. What’s that all about? And rising again? What’s the point of all that? We need to stay focused on defeating our enemies and this talk about dying is a major distraction.

While He was carrying on about it during dinner (and ruining our appetites, I might add), the tax collectors asked Peter to step outside so they could ask him if our Lord paid the temple tax. Well, of course He does! He’s a male Jew and all male Jews obey the law! I can see where they might be confused if it were a Roman tax (may those Romans rot forever!), but we’re talking about the temple here, fer cryin outloud! Maybe they thought that because He let us work on the Sabbath that He considers Himself above the law and wouldn’t pay taxes. Those guys! What a bunch of yo-yos! Yet when Peter came into the house, Jesus tells Peter that only strangers and foreigners pay taxes – and that because He’s the Son of God, He’s exempt. Well .. I’d never thought of it that way.

So Jesus tells Peter that to avoid offending these yo-yos, Peter is to go fishing with a HOOK and that the first fish he catches will pay both Jesus’ and Peter’s tax. How cool is that?!? We all rushed out the door to go catch a fish and get our taxes paid. Sure as shootin, Peter catches a fish immediately and sure enough, there’s their taxes! Right in the fish like Jesus said. Whoever said following Jesus didn’t have its perks! Ha!

A couple of kids had followed us to the shore, and kids being kids, they were just as excited, fishing right along side us, even though they were too young to have to pay the temple tax. And pretty soon, a crowd was gathering, wondering why we disciples were suddenly fishing and using string and HOOKs instead of nets.

But .. so far, Peter is the only one that found any money.

Why did Jesus tell Peter to do a miracle that provided for Himself and Peter and not the rest of us?

Am I not a son like Peter? Am I doing something wrong? Do I not have enough faith?

What’s going on?

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