To Woo or to Draw – that is the question

In a recent discussion, the question was raised: what did Christ mean when He said that He would “draw all men” to Him ()? Is it a resistible or irresistible “drawing”? The popular explanation is that Christ “woos” people and people can decide whether or not they want to partake of His wooing – a […]

Christian Cuss Words

Y’know.. of all the sanitized ‘cuss words’ we Christians might use, like ‘darn!’, ‘snap!’, ‘nuts!’, ‘stink!’ or ‘garwsh’, it’s a wonder we don’t take our epithets straight from our Manual; exegete our expletives, if you will.

I’m thinking a word like ‘Shibboleth’ would make for a robust ‘Christian Cuss Word’.

With the right pronunciation, it […]

Pattern of the Remnant and Destruction

When considering the remnant and the fate of those who aren’t part of the remnant, I think there’s a pattern that emerges. This struck me the other day from out of the blue when studying Isaiah.

PRE-FLOOD Enoch – called out from the world Noah – called from the world; world destroyed

To forgive or not to forgive? Here’s my question…

Why did Paul not forgive Alexander, but in the very next verse, forgave those who deserted him and didn’t take his side in defending him against Alexander.

, ESV Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm; the Lord will repay him according to his deeds. [Paul is cursing Alexander here for the evil he did […]

Isaiah’s Pattern of Doom

As I was working my way through and 10, I couldn’t help but notice that the description of the doom that was coming to Israel/Judah was punctuated by the repeated phrase “Despite all this, His anger does not subside, and His hand is ready to strike again.” (, , , )

Immediately it made me […]

Limiting the Olde King’s English

Why do we read verses in Olde English, but then discuss, preach, ask questions and give answers in Moderne English?

Just wondering.

Therefore, should we not also ask according to the manner in which the verse wast given; Verily, should we not likewise answer of the same accord? Can the answer say to the word […]

“Harden their hearts so they don’t repent”

I have to admit I’m more than a little befuddled by the way is handled in general.

In poking around the web and in my commentaries on this passage, I see several disturbing consistencies:

People keep avoiding the main issue They reinterpret Isaiah’s commission to say things it doesn’t say They conclude things that contradict […]

Frequency of OT Quotes in the NT

In the New Testament, there are over 300 direct quotes from the Old Testament (depending on how you count the verses). If you count the allusions and possible allusions, the number jumps even higher: According to Blue Letter Bible, if you count the allusions, there are 799, and if you count possible allusions, there are […]

Doctrinal Gumbo

As we try and develop our doctrinal views, somewhere along the line we pick up a notion or two. If we toss that notion into our pot and stir on it long enough, we start seeing all sorts of verses that suddenly start supporting that view. So we throw that into the mix as well, […]

Divine Delete vs Divine Doom, Death and Destruction

In BSF, we’re currently going through the book of Isaiah. opens with an intriguing proclamation from the Lord that judgment is at hand: those who willing obey will enjoy the fruit of the land, but those who resist God’s rule will be consumed with raging fire. Check it out ().

So now I’m wondering… if […]