How To Lose Your Salvation In 6 Easy Steps??

It has been properly noted that there are a number of passages in the Bible that sound like you can lose your salvation. Let us count the ways:

Live in sin – ; Be arrogant/overconfident in your salvation – Revert back to Mosaic Law – Deny/forsake Christ – ; Be a Faithless Servant – ; […]

Covenant Timeline

Here’s a timeline of the main Covenants in the Bible. I think it helps to drive home the fact that the Mosaic Covenant ended at Christ and that there are many other Covenants that are still in effect – some of which predate the Mosaic Covenant by thousands of years.

Bible Timeline – Covenants (PDF, […]

Does God Reject Rich People?

While some people will insist that God wants everyone to be rich and wealthy and enjoy their best life now, others will insist that the Bible consistently displays a negative opinion of rich people. The conversation between Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler would be offered as a prime example of this disdain.

While I […]

Holy Spirit: Is He IN us or ON us? ..and does it matter?

You have heard it said “the Holy Spirit came on the OT believers, but is in the NT believers”. Having thusly heard for many years, I thusly taught for many years.

Now that I’m (again) studying my way through the book of Acts, I’m finding myself quite intrigued by the fact that the people who […]



Bell’s Hells! What The Heck?

Pastor Rob Bell’s new book, “Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” is lighting up the blogosphere, and for good reason. He attempts to overturn centuries of established Biblical doctrine with a thought-provoking, artistic flair. He started the firestorm by producing a video trailer of his […]

Mapping Hits

Here’s an interesting little doodad that shows where this site’s visitors are coming from. Click on the map to see a larger image.

Thought that was interesting.

Old Earth vs Young Earth?

The Old Earth/Young Earth has been debated endlessly on many websites. Google will help you find those sites. There’s one aspect of the Old Earth debate that I have never seen discussed anywhere and would like to explore here. But first, a word to the wise: since the Bible doesn’t explicitly state how young or […]

To Woo or to Draw – that is the question

In a recent discussion, the question was raised: what did Christ mean when He said that He would “draw all men” to Him ()? Is it a resistible or irresistible “drawing”? The popular explanation is that Christ “woos” people and people can decide whether or not they want to partake of His wooing – a […]

Monet Timeline

This is a test of the SIMILE Timeline code. Let’s see if it works, eh?

Hmmm.m.. maybe not quite.