. . . But I Say

Lots of people teach the idea that Jesus did away with the Old Testament and taught the New Testament audience a new code of conduct in Matthew 5:21-48. When I point out that the immediately preceding verses negate that thought (“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets… until […]

The Fall and The Curse

It’s worth considering the fact that there is a distinction between The Fall (Gen 3:1-13) and The Curse (Gen 3:14-24).

Here’s what I mean:

The Fall (The instant Adam & Eve eat the fruit):

Man is cut off from God Man’s eyes are opened Man and woman feel shame due to their nakedness Adam and […]

Mark’s Miracles Mystery

Have you ever experienced something good from God that answered your every prayer .. and then was told to keep it a secret? I think that’d drive me crazy. But often times, that’s exactly what Jesus did.

In the Gospel of Mark, we see quite a few times that Jesus told people to not mention […]

Death Sins

So, Jeremiah, do not pray for these people. Do not cry out to Me or petition me on their behalf. Do not plead with Me to save them. For I will not listen to them when they call out to Me for help when disaster strikes them. – Jeremiah 11:14

I’m working my […]

God & Evil

Every once in a while, people will say that I make God the creator of evil and therefore I make God evil. I think that’s a weird accusation. To me, it’s silly to think that God created this world with no thought or intention of evil being present. Clearly He knew it would be present […]

From Adam to Moses…

Bible Trivia: If Adam wrote a book on his life, his memoirs, how the universe was Created, and more, it’s only reasonable to believe that he would have passed this book on to his kids. Or great-grand kids. And it’s only reasonable to conclude that this would have made its way to Moses.

So… given […]

The Roman “O”s

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Roman Road? How about the Roman “O”s?

Start in Rom 1 and observe the downward spiral of man because he rejects God (1), his guilt by conscience and law (2-3), his failure to access right standing with God by his own works (4), the stain of Adam (5), the punishment […]

Christ’s Coming, Coming, Coming, Coming

When Is He Coming?

I find discussions about Christ’s Second Coming to be interesting. Jesus tells us to watch for Him, be ready for Him, comfort one another with these thoughts, know the signs of the times, etc. So it’s only natural that many Christians get excited about the topic. What’s kinda fun is that […]

Top Ten Christian T Shirts

A friend of mine showed me a new TShirt that he bought. It had a Christian(ish) message to it, and was made to look like a popular video game. In fact, you’d have to look pretty close to see that it wasn’t the popular video game.

Why do marketers do this? And why do so […]

How Do You Figure?

The other day I heard someone ask another person “Are you born again?”

That strikes me as curious question.

As any Bible student would quickly point out, the Bible uses a wide variety of figures of speech to refer to a person that’s been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. One wonders why some metaphors get […]