Passages of Fury

The other day I ran into a guy that corrected me when I happened to say that God calls His people to rejoice when He destroyed their enemies.

He: “That’s not right!!! We’re to do all things through love and patience and goodness!”

Me: “Did God tell His people to rejoice when He destroyed their […]

Holy Spirit: Is He IN us or ON us? ..and does it matter?

You have heard it said “the Holy Spirit came on the OT believers, but is in the NT believers”. Having thusly heard for many years, I thusly taught for many years.

Now that I’m (again) studying my way through the book of Acts, I’m finding myself quite intrigued by the fact that the people who […]

Christ’s Lot

This is a story about Abraham’s Lot.

As part of his inheritance, he was given a relative, and a promise of children like the stars. Enemies conspired against him and plundered Lot, taking him captive to a far away land. When Abraham heard of it, he gathered all his troops, left his holy […]

The Three Cs of the Christian Faith

Everyone is Commanded. Many are Called. Few are Chosen.

Questions: “Commanded”, “Called” and “Chosen” …for what?

To what?

In other words, Everyone is commanded to _________. Many are called to _________. Few are chosen to _________.

If the same word fits in all 3 blanks, does that match what the Bible teaches?

Why ‘Everyone’, then […]

Mapping Hits

Here’s an interesting little doodad that shows where this site’s visitors are coming from. Click on the map to see a larger image.

Thought that was interesting.

Two “Boughts”

Some people will kick around the notion that God has two wills: a heavenly will and an earthly will, if you will. But what about two ‘boughts’? Has everyone in the world been bought in one sense, and only the redeemed of the Lord bought in another sense? I think the answer is yes.

In […]

A Tale of Four Women

If you want to know what a Virtuous Woman does, is a good place to start. But what if you want to know what a Virtuous Woman says?

There are at least four prayers/songs of virtuous women in the Bible. For whatever reason, their words largely go untouched in contemporary Christendom. I think it’s interesting […]

Reimaging Idols

If you ask your local Sunday School student to give a Biblical description of an idol, he will likely say that in the past it might be a statue to Caesar or Molech or Baal or Chemosh, but these days, an idol is anything we value more than we value God: money, houses, cars, sex, […]

Old Earth vs Young Earth?

The Old Earth/Young Earth has been debated endlessly on many websites. Google will help you find those sites. There’s one aspect of the Old Earth debate that I have never seen discussed anywhere and would like to explore here. But first, a word to the wise: since the Bible doesn’t explicitly state how young or […]

Pattern of the Remnant and Destruction

When considering the remnant and the fate of those who aren’t part of the remnant, I think there’s a pattern that emerges. This struck me the other day from out of the blue when studying Isaiah.

PRE-FLOOD Enoch – called out from the world Noah – called from the world; world destroyed