Top Ten Reasons Why There Were Pigs In Gerasenes

Remember the story of Jesus casting demons out of the crazy man in Luke 8? The demons freak out that Jesus is there because it’s not time for them to be tormented by Him yet. They ask Him if they can enter some nearby pigs, and He lets them. It’s a weird story, but it’s […]

Application For Widows Enrollment In WOAP

The following “Widows and Orphans Assistance Program” application form was recently discovered in Selcuk, Turkey, at the archeological site for the ancient city of Ephesus. The exact dating is uncertain, but it appears to date back to approximately 80 AD.

Skeptics have raised concerns about its validity, claiming that it is likely for a cult […]

Bell’s Hells! What The Heck?

Pastor Rob Bell’s new book, “Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” is lighting up the blogosphere, and for good reason. He attempts to overturn centuries of established Biblical doctrine with a thought-provoking, artistic flair. He started the firestorm by producing a video trailer of his […]

KJV Uber Alles!!

I have a lot of friends who believe that the KJV is the only version fit for human consumption, and that all others are corrupt; That God was true to His word and preserved every last jot and tittle of His Word and saw to it that only the KJV would contain those every subtle […]

NIT – Acts 3

The New Internationale Translation is a collection of texts, presumably associated with the Bible. While generally not fit for spiritual consumption, the contrasts presented between the NIT and the KJV helps us rediscover the uniqueness of what’s going on in the Bible.

3:6 But Peter said unto him “Silver and gold have I […]

No Messianic Prophecies??

On April 17, 2009, at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, H W Bateman, GH Johnston (OT prof at DTS) and D L Bock (NT prof at DTS) presented a forum to advance their views on Messianic prophecies in the OT. The symposium was titled “Jesus the Messiah: Promises, Expectations and Coming of Israel’s King” and deals […]

Holy Temple Institute Rejection Letter

The following document was recently discovered in Jerusalem. Although we feel the exact dating is uncertain, this standard form letter appears to date back to approximately 960 BC, when King Solomon built the Temple.

Should you feel the need to send this to your friends, it is available here in PDF format.