Just a few questions that have bounced off my head at one time or another. I’ve figured out some Biblical answers to many of them, but figured I’d post them here in case you get insomnia. Some of the questions are whimsical, and suitable for all. However, some of the questions have some pretty severe […]

Christian Cuss Words

Y’know.. of all the sanitized ‘cuss words’ we Christians might use, like ‘darn!’, ‘snap!’, ‘nuts!’, ‘stink!’ or ‘garwsh’, it’s a wonder we don’t take our epithets straight from our Manual; exegete our expletives, if you will.

I’m thinking a word like ‘Shibboleth’ would make for a robust ‘Christian Cuss Word’.

With the right pronunciation, it […]

Limiting the Olde King’s English

Why do we read verses in Olde English, but then discuss, preach, ask questions and give answers in Moderne English?

Just wondering.

Therefore, should we not also ask according to the manner in which the verse wast given; Verily, should we not likewise answer of the same accord? Can the answer say to the word […]

KJV Uber Alles!!

I have a lot of friends who believe that the KJV is the only version fit for human consumption, and that all others are corrupt; That God was true to His word and preserved every last jot and tittle of His Word and saw to it that only the KJV would contain those every subtle […]

NIT – Acts 3

The New Internationale Translation is a collection of texts, presumably associated with the Bible. While generally not fit for spiritual consumption, the contrasts presented between the NIT and the KJV helps us rediscover the uniqueness of what’s going on in the Bible.

3:6 But Peter said unto him “Silver and gold have I […]

Permission form to date my daughter

For all those wishing to date my daughters, please download and complete the Date My Daughter Permission Form.

Thank you.

Fishy Faith

I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I should try fishing with my left hand instead of my right? Or maybe I don’t have enough faith and should pray more or maybe fast to catch this fish. Or maybe I should just hurry up and get a net and get to the bottom of this. […]

Names Jesus Used

What name would Jesus use for you?

Holy Temple Institute Rejection Letter

The following document was recently discovered in Jerusalem. Although we feel the exact dating is uncertain, this standard form letter appears to date back to approximately 960 BC, when King Solomon built the Temple.

Should you feel the need to send this to your friends, it is available here in PDF format.